Logo Collection

This is a small collection of logos that I’ve designed for a few ecommerce projects.

The Side Hustle Grind

The Side Hustle Grind is a side hustle community about creating extra streams of revenue. I started with Ubereats, and managed to gain around 4,000 followers on TikTok. On Etsy, I sell a digital google spreadsheet to assist newer drivers with tracking their costs and giving a more accurate earnings after cost of maintenance, gas, food, and repairs.

I absolutely love anime, and buyanimehoodies.com was going to be a fun project. The goal was to create a drop shipping store to sell anime merchandise off of Aliexpress or Alibaba. Unfortunately, I never got further than the logo because of copyright laws. 

Drippy Hoodies is an online print on demand brand. My main focus was to educate users how to set up their own print on demand shop. The name ‘Drippy Hoodies’ was a result of in-depth SEO keyword research. According to Google keyword planner, it’s searched 20,000 times a month! Unfortunately, DTG quality doesn’t compare to screen printing.


Plus Printables is an online store that focuses on selling digital products that can be instantly downloaded and printed at home. I absolutely love this business model because it is low effort, and easy to refund unhappy clients without taking a hit. This will hopefully be a future project that I can expand on when I figure out the direction that I would like to go in.